1. Hi party people, DJ Lifted Up here,
    Been a while coming but it is now live n running, so what happened I hear Y’all saying, well basically, I won a competition for a new site with upgrades, so after taking down the old site, the new one was supposed to go up, hmm 6 weeks chasing and he finally put it up.
    It was a disaster… So I called on my old friend overseas to help me and here it is.
    We still have plans to improve the site, more pictures, and videos, implementing new widgets to improve your interaction within the site also.
    So keep watching here and on our page on Facebook
    Feel free to add a comment or ask a question below. If you have used my services before please leave a review on djliftedup facebook page and we added them to our reviews here on our page.
    Dave | DJ Lifted Up

  2. Looking, good DJ 🙂

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